Saturday, 20 October 2012

Avon's, Large & Small

I was asked  several weeks ago to make some floats for a couple of lads and I'm happy to say that with all the recent bad weather & unfishable rivers I managed to get them done for them quicker than I had predicted.
 I had all intentions of hitting the river today and getting after the Ladies with the fly rod but with the amount of driving I have done this week I couldn't even face the 30 minutes trip up onto the river so a day of rest and no driving  today meant I could concentrate on finishing them off.

All Together
The four on the left are 6BB avons and the 4 on the right are 4BB avons, predominately aimed at the Grayling fishing on the west coast rivers.

4BB Avon's

6BB Avon's

The second lot of floats are again Avon's but a heavier shotting was required so with that in mind I aimed for the weights I was set at 5AAA.

5AAA Avon's

5AAA Avon's

A Nice group of Avon's large & small
Normal fishing will resume again in the morning.

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