Sunday, 14 October 2012

You have just got to love the Ladies....

Ladies of the stream that is!

The alarm clock went off and I awoke with great anticipation of the day ahead as it was to be the first trip for the Grayling with the trotting gear this season. The thermometer stayed low at 2degrees as I drove the short distance to my desired area and prepared ready for the day ahead.

 Last week it was the turn of the memorial cane fly rod this week it was the turn of the memorial  centre-pin, as its now become a bit of a habit to start off my trotting season with it.
Armed with one of my cane trotting rods, & my preferred trotting float a quick photo before the session commenced.

The river was still running off from the flooding we had on Thursday so the river was still heavily coloured and I had my doubts about having a good day but that was all long forgotten about after the first grayling of the day slipped under the net.

Quickly followed by the 2nd then a steady flow of smaller Grayling followed, nothing of any great size mostly all around the 0.5lbs mark, which went on for just over 2 hours resulting in 18 fish.

After a chat to another angler who wandered off down the river just starting his session and looking a lot happier that he had seen me catching some fish, I decided to take stock, have some lunch and see what the afternoon brought.

The afternoon brought another few fish and it looked like it was going to be a sun filled afternoon.

It wasn't just the maggots which were catching fish today as I decided to attach one of my home tied nymphs to see what it would bring so picked out one which the Grayling might pick up on and straight away fish on, I think they mistook it for a maggot as it was dubbed with natural seals fur with a touch of pink around the barb, always nice to know something you make yourself catches fish.

The sun didn't last for long and as the sun gave way to the blackening clouds and rain I decided to call it a day . As I was walking back through the wood I stumbled across this lighter which had been swept down in the flood water, and it made me laugh as Ronnie Barker & the programme "Porridge" sprung to mind.
Big Jock...Gie us a light mate...lol

24 fish in the net and probably the same mount again released at distance, a very good start to this seasons trotting tally, The river might not contain as many large fish like other rivers but it certainly gives you excellent sport.

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