Tuesday, 6 November 2012


No its not the same as the Jitterbug, no fancy dancing in this one unless you lift the rod tip up & down whilst fishing them. The wife was sitting making up some craft stuff in preparation for Xmas when she pulled 2 bottles of glitter glue from her box.

I had a look at the bottles and this gave me an instant idea after I bought the translucent ribbing a few weeks back, would the glue do to make up some bodies for bugs.

I set abut experimenting and found that it would not stick to the bare hook but if you laid a base down either with thread or floss it actually holds quite well so knocked up 4 to see what results it would bring, these are the first two dry.
Green Glitter Bug

Yellow Glitter Bug
The green looks really good to the natural eye, and I'm positive will definitely catch fish, The yellow I need think of some wet flies which might benefit from it.

I had a look on the hobby craft website where the wife bought them from and there is quite a range of colours which would make excellent bodies, Pink, Red, Black.

Probably not a new thing to the fly tying but worth the small effort to try it out, & it occupied me for an hour or so.

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