Sunday, 4 November 2012

Ladies in the Fog

The alarm went off and I looked out the window, there was a fine dusting of frost on everything and the fog was thick, natures own quilt over everything, the temperature read -1 degrees ...what a day for the grayling, almost perfect. The river I knew was still higher than normal according to the EA website but the river web cam looked OK,

I drove the short distance to the river & whilst on route, around a dozen crows were scavenging a dead rabbit on the road and one left it a bit late to take off and got struck by the front of my car, luckily it just clipped it and threw it to the side where it instantly gathered its composure & flew off, bit of a sore head I should imagine.(& here was me thinking I had a few more crow quills for the floats...lol)

River is around here somewhere.

 On the short walk to the river it was still thick with fog.

Today was the turn of the trotting gear for the 2nd time this season so this time out the Speedia got an outing combined with the normal trotting rod and rig.

Trotting set up

After a few trots through, the float ducked under & the normal head shaking of the Grayling could be felt, we were off and running.
1st Grayling

A regular sized Grayling for this part of the river.

The fish continued to come to the net over the next 3 hours, mainly the size of the fish above but thrown in from time to time were slightly better fish.

Better than normal

Lunch time

Lunchtime and still not another angler on the bank, the peace & quiet except for the birds was a soothing tonic,so the hat, bag & rod were placed and the flask was opened.

Bread & butter of Grayling on River
Onto a deeper part of the river after lunch & to discover much to my dismay my neoprenes chest waders were leaking around the right leg, when I waded over the waist in water, so that will be a repair for diver Dave in Scotland to fix, nevertheless it didn't deter me and I adjusted my position and we continued fishing and straight away was amongst the Grayling again, pretty much the size of fish throughout the river but plenty of them.

Perfectly formed in ever way

Pretty much like the morning session lots of smaller fish with the odd better fish thrown in, the fog was still lying heavy across the river and land.



Final One for today

Just as I was about to call it a day after 3pm the fog finally lifted to reveal the sun poking through and giving a slight warmth to everything. Another excellent day with the trotting rod, 38 Grayling in total and quite surprisingly no trout, which was a good thing. Next week's fishing trip will be short & probably Saturday afternoon due to next sunday being remembrance day & my participation in the town's remembrance parade.


  1. What a great days fishing George....again :). I really enjoyed the pic's, well done m8.


  2. Thanks Ian, I do try & without saying ever you fancy a day over just drop me a line.

    1. I've just gotta take you up on that offer sometime this season George. It would be great to meet up with you and besides that... I could do with a bit of professional tuition :).


  3. Ian,
    I'm worried about you buddy, when you reply as Sharie it says your female, is there something you need to tell me.......lol

    1. LOL, that's my wifes account, i've not got one bud. Deffo nothing you need to know my friend...thought you'd got lucky then George LOL.

      Ian :)


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