Saturday, 24 November 2012

Some Sticks

Well another week on standby engineer (It really does come around too fast)  allows me to catch up on some floats I've had drying off and get them posted out. This time I was asked to make a variety of sticks to the anglers specifications, 2 with carbon, 2 with wire & 2 with cane stems.

Its been a while since I last made up a load of sticks like this so it was a nice change from the normal avons.

With the weather being the way it is here in Yorkshire, I wont get any fishing done this weekend as the river levels will definitely be back up over the 1m level by tonight so maybe a weekend of fly tying and catching up on some floats, if I dont get a call out, Hopefully things will change for next weekend when I'm hoping to get to an organised outing on the Tees, in conjunction with the Grayling Society boys of area 11

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