Saturday, 29 December 2012

2012 Another Year Flashes Past

Well that's another year almost over, and in the whole not a bad year in the Grayling stakes,  Back in February I was graced with a 3lbs Grayling from the Annan, and then to finish off the year was graced with another large Scottish lady of 3lbs 3oz recently from the Clyde, what more could a Grayling angler ask. I was very fortunate this year, and very thankful of them both.

3lbs Annan
I waited for 7 years for a 3lbs Grayling since catching my last one and this year I managed two of them, both Scottish fish and proves that the Scottish waters are without doubt in the last few years producing the bigger fish, as friends are continuously pulling 2lbs plus fish on a regular basis from all the Scottish rivers. Whilst down here we are struggling to see any Grayling above 2lbs in weight.

3lbs 3oz Clyde

The Grayling fishing in between the start of the year & the end of the year has been good on the days I managed to get out but with all the recent flooding that's not been as much as I would have liked.

The summer??....those few week we had back at the very start of the year produced the best Brown Trout for me this year, not large by some of the trout that have been caught from the river this year but such beautiful markings.
River Ure Brown Trout
These were the three fish that stood out in my mind most when sitting with a glass of whisky and jotting a few notes down for the blog end of year.

Waterfall On the River Ure
 As I was flicking back through the blog jogging my memories, the thing that stood out the most to me was the sheer beauty that I've had the pleasure of seeing this year, from the new stretches of river I've had the privilege to explore to nature itself.

Banded Demoiselle

The most memorable piece of nature was when the banded demoiselle dragonfly landed on my rod and sat still long enough for me to take a picture of it before flying off & joining its mate again.

 Without doubt the most memorable moment this year was when I finally received the Cane Fly Rod that now accompanies the Centre Pin Reel which were both paid for by my now deceased parents, so only fitting that they are both dedicated to them.

Gone from our home but not from our heart

Always with me wherever
 A Personal  thank you to Gary Marshall for the work he put into making the rod, his workmanship & dedication to producing such stunning rods.

The floats have been moving along at a more sensible pace this year and will probably now keep to the same for next year as trying to keep up with orders took the enjoyment out of making them last year and it was nice to sit back and make them at a more leisurely pace this year which gave me far more pleasure than trying to keep up with orders.

Thank You

 Everyone has their personal favourites and mine this year was the box of floats I created for my good friend Munro who had done me a few favours throughout the year and this seemed an appropriate thank you present

Thats about it apart from saying a Big Thank You to firstly my wife who puts up with me and together we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary back in June and to everyone I've had the pleasure of either making floats for, (I hope they give you as much pleasure fishing with them as I go from making them)
 All the old friends and new ones that I've had the pleasure of fishing with this year, and everyone I've had correspondence with either by email or across the forums I frequent, I hope that your year has been just as interesting and varied as mine and all the good memories far outweigh the bad ones.
To everyone who drops in and reads the blog I hope I've brought you a smile or two throughout the year & hope you will continue to drop in, your always welcome
I wish you all a prosperous and healthy New Year & the very best for 2013.

Slainte mhath


  1. Very nice read and pic's.
    All the very best George not just for next year but for all the following ones also :).

    Tight lines my friend

    1. Thanks Ian,
      All the very best for the new year to you & your family & hopefully get a day together next year on the Eden.
      Tight Lines

    2. Thank's George :). I've been clockin' the EA river levels and the eden's been up constantly, lets hope this rain eases off so we can get that day out...i'm lookin' forward to it! I've only had one days grayling fishing this year...dismal I know :(.


    3. I know exactly what you mean Ian, I've not been out in 4 weeks now due to the rivers being unfishable, Not good at all.


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