Tuesday, 1 January 2013

1st of 2013, a present to myself

May I firstly say to everyone who reads my ramblings, a Happy & Prosperous New Year to you all.

I have for the last several days been working away at a couple of new floats, because lets face it that square thing ( TV ) in the living room which is meant to be for everyone's entertainment has quite frankly over the holiday period been a load of utter rubbish, so spent  my time better employed making up a couple of floats for my own personal use.

These floats I first saw when Stuart Baker @  Fat Fish Floats  made one for a friend & the minute I saw it I have to say I was impressed so I contacted Stuart to ask if it was OK if I could replicate his design for my own personal use which he agreed to.
I would like to thank Stuart for allowing me to replicate part of his design, Stuart's original float is made with Porcupine Quill & Balsa & can be bought from his website which is linked above. Stuart's design is copyrighted so please do not buy them from any other source apart from himself.

I wanted to change things slightly to suit my personal style of fishing so made one from cane & one from Crow Quill.

I nicknamed them Black & Tan and purposely made the burnt cane swirls to tie in with the colours on the cane stemmed one, and the natural black of the crow quill tied the quill one together nicely.

You can see the fluted design but unlike the other flutes I have made these ones do not run down the full body of the float, which is unique for Stuarts design as they have purposely been designed by him to be used as perch bobbers.

 I'm looking forward to fishing these to see how they fish, the floats are built all I need now is decent fishing conditions to try them out.

Once again my Sincere thanks to Stuart for allowing me to use his design, I wont be after Perch but am sure the Grayling wont mind that I use them in my quest for them.


  1. Best wishes for the New Year to you too!

    Now, where did I leave my aspirins?

  2. Same to you Mate, Aspirin...no sympathy here :)

  3. Who needs Asprin! Cough splutter cough...

    Great looking floats George, shall we do a "no rain" dance?

    1. We definitely need something Rob, 4 weeks since I was last out, not good :(

  4. Happy New Year!

    And thanks again for your advice back in 2012.

  5. Stunning floats George, Hope to meet you some time on the bank side.

    Tight lines and sharp hooks for 2013


  6. Cracking floats George :)


    1. Thanks Scott, Your having a cracking Grayling season from your posts, well done mate


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