Sunday, 2 December 2012

All is lost...Not Quite!

Well today was my first outing back on home waters after my trip to Scotland & with last weekend being unfishable due to water levels & standby engineer.
Set the scene....... - 6 degrees, sun shining, frost on the ground and the crows on the trees cawing, what better than a day for the Grayling......quick look at the water levels online before travelling...glimpse over at the calendar.....Stretch closed due to a fishing match!!

Ah well Plan B then, so headed to another stretch of the river where it was going to be hit or miss for the fish & other anglers. Arrived to find 12 cormorants lifting off the water as I appeared from the wood-line, defiantly not a good 1st sign.

Looking up the river towards the church in the distance the river was at a good level after the onslaught of severe flooding we have had, and it was nice to see the river back within the confines of its banks, but got me thinking about the amounts of food the Grayling must have had with all the free offerings all week in the flooded water.

As I had predicted it was going to be a hard day and the glare from the sun on the water didn't help any but after a couple of hours and some perseverance we got there in the end.

Not a big fish but a very welcome sight indeed in what was turning out to be the hardest day in a very long time. Not long after in the same run another couple made an appearance

After a bit of a trek down through the woods, I stumbled upon a guy who I have spoke with a couple of times over the internet who was out with the fly rod, and the going wasn't good with him either, he hadn't touched a fish, so after a natter and a look at what was the remains of a salmon carcass, that had been eaten by something  we shook hands and parted company.
I headed back up the river to where I had got the fish earlier and after a bite to eat was back in the run where I had got the fish earlier, a few tentative pulls then a solid take and landed this guy which had a very distinctive black dot on its flank, It wasn't a missing scale like I first though but a pure black scale.

Never touched another fish in the run after that one so slowly moved back upriver to where I had started, taking a couple of pictures on route.

After a chat with a lad I speak to on a frequent basis who was telling me there was only 1 more angler on the river which he had seen and he had caught nothing either, I felt a bit better knowing I had managed to coax a few out today.

I had another few casts and landed this little guy who was proudly displaying his colours but didn't look best pleased at being caught.

safely returned we called it a day and headed home, not the day I was expecting to have but not a total loss neither, Its good to be back on home waters, even if they dont have the larger fish like in Scotland...Now when am I going to Scotland again........:)

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