Saturday, 1 December 2012

Thank You Present & Early Xmas.

As the regular readers of the blog will know I was recently up in Scotland and fishing with Munro a long time friend, I took him up a small present intended to be a thank you for a few favours he has done me in the past & Xmas present all rolled into one.
I knew he would never wait till Xmas before unwrapping it and sure enough I received a confession email from him today saying he had unwrapped it at 1am this morning whilst looking for kit for his days trotting today.

Also included in the box was a pack of Drennan float rubbers as I'm fed up receiving pictures of his catches with elastic bands around the top of the floats he is using...Munro take heed no more elastic bands. Tight lines Buddy & I hope they bring you many fish in the future.
Munro got back to me on a well known networking site where he wrote this:

 Good mates dont come easy. But when they do they come in the form of traditional float maker George Lockhart who let me open and use my Christmas present early. Lovely floats George and a joy to use but heart breaking to loose. Cheers mate :)

and updated me with a few pictures that the Xmas presents helped in catching.

Proudly showing off its beauty

Aye eye
Well done mate some lovely fish.


  1. I like the pic's George. The Aye eye one's great !

  2. That will be Ian again then...lol


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