Friday, 21 December 2012

Hooked On Floats by Jeff Della Murra

I first heard rumours of this book bouncing around a couple of forums I frequent before it went to print and found out that Jeff Della Mura was writing a new book on vintage floats from 1860 - 1960.

I contacted Jeff who replied with some shots of what the book was going to look like and within 5 minutes of seeing them I had ordered my copy with Jeff. That was back in October, I've since received my copy No 90 of 340 and read the book from cover to cover and was not only astonished but must also applaud Jeff for the hours of work it must have taken him in research and putting the book together.

Vintage Fishing Floats from 1860 to 1960 a Collectors Companion. By Jeff Della Mura.
An Angling Bygones and Collectables reference work.
An easy to read collectors companion sprinkled gently with wit.
Features British classic float patterns and their likely dates.
Around four years to research and write.
Features the authors own collection, plus guests - Paul Cook, Andrew Field, Steve Anderson etc.
Includes a sample tour of world floats.
Includes contributions from international collectors.
Contains literally hundreds of unique colour images.
More than 400 information pages in colour - around 77,000 words.
Shows many previously unseen and rare patterns.
Includes hints, tips and inspiration for collectors.
Features vintage ephemera and memorabilia.
Cites sources for those seeking further information.
Offers cash rewards for selected unsolved mysteries.
Available in Standard and Superior hard cover limited editions. 

 The book is absolutely stunning in every detail and lays out the history of the fishing float not only in great detail but also stunning colour.
It brings the art of the float makers craft to life. Any serious float maker or admirer of vintage floats this is a must for your bookshelf, everyday was a school day when reading Jeff's book I have learnt so much from it.
Anyone interested in Jeff's book please see the link below...you WILL NOT be disappointed.


  1. George,

    Yesterday we fished the pond for the first time. Since light float tackle is hard to come by here, we improvised with Dominic testing our home made floats and weights in the water butt.


    At the end I acknowledge your part in inspiring me to dig the pond in the first place. One of my better investments I think!

  2. As is clearly evident from the quality if his floats and the passion in his words on fishing, George is both skillful and discerning. We should not be surprised if he devoted his blog to talking about himself or his achievements - or in sounding-off about some personal grumble. However, he doesn't. It is a measure of George's character that he comments so very generously on the efforts of others. Thank you George - for being positive in your view of the world.


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