Saturday, 15 December 2012

Last for 2012

I managed to finish off last night the last floats I would complete for 2012. The angler gave specific instructions on what he would like and are to be used for Barbel & Chub in 2 - 4ft of water.

3/4" tips with a total length of 5" and taking 6BB in weight.

And as always I like to make up a couple of extra for my personal box, but I like them with a bit more sight on them so here they are with the two for myself, a bit of a slight difference in sight tips.

Also completed a single Crow quill with elder pith which is going to Holland. The quill is 7" long and is to be used for canal work for bream.

These will be the last floats that I will complete in 2012 so I would just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has asked me to make them floats in 2012 and I hope they have brought you as much pleasure from using them as I got from making them. Thank You.

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