Thursday, 13 December 2012

At the year end

I'm being constantly asked, even though I put it on the website that floats are only made to order and every other day during the Grayling season I get people asking if they can have floats within a week....Miracles I can only do on the 3rd sunday of each month as long as the month starts with the letter G.

Seriously though this is only a hobby for me not a business so guys if you want floats for the Grayling which is my busiest fishing time as I'm a Grayling Fanatic, in case you haven't noticed, please order them well in advance at least 6 - 8 weeks before you want them, that way you wont be disappointed when I say No.
For the disappointed guys amongst you I have a few floats made up which are spares as I often make 1 or 2 extra on an order, they are not weighed or signed and if anyone is desperate then drop me an email, first come first served am afraid.

Please only email me if interested in the floats shown in the picture, as I say 1st come 1st served, when they are gone they are gone.
Tight Lines.

Post Updated 18/12/12 Floats crossed off which are now gone

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  1. Hi George,

    After reading the header to your blog I was pleasantly surprised to find how beautifully made your floats are! They certainly have more than enough artistic merit to find a place on the mantle piece, or a picture frame in the study.

    However, I did try a spot of fishing with them too and, although I didn't catch my first 2lb grayling, I was still further impressed. Many thanks.

    Robert H.


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