Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Make Your Own Traditional Fishing Tackle

If like myself you enjoy the more traditional of fishing tackle, not saying I go about with Plus 4’s on and brogues with pipe sticking out my mouth but I do enjoy using tackle from yesteryear, It gives me far more pleasure to catch a fish using something that someone has taken time & effort over to make than something that’s rolled off a production line, in my case predominately old centre pin reels, cane rods and not forgetting the floats I make myself.

Some of the prices for this old equipment is astronomical, but if you have some time and like messing around with items yourself then why not make this gear yourself. The book entitled “Make Your Own Traditional Fishing Tackle” by author Paul Duffield is first class. 

It’s well documented and literally takes you through each step of making various items of tackle and at under £10 for the paperback is worth every penny. I thoroughly enjoyed sitting in the armchair and reading this from cover to cover and learning old traditions as I went, very informative and well written.

Paul takes you through various items of tackle from the tools required, to landing nets, float tubes, floats, rod rests and much much more. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and will continue to use it as a very good reference guide when I have to so if your looking for something to read and want to try your hand at tackle making this is definitely a must read book.

Hers is just a few examples from pages inside the book, courtesy of Paul.

 Rig storage, we all require it and probably use pole float winders, why not try it yourself & get more satisfaction from knowing you made it yourself.


You could even have a dabble at the float making

We all use landing nets whether game anglers or coarse anglers

To see more of whats inside the book before parting with your money Paul has set up a website allowing you to look before buying, see links below.

 You will not be disappointed for sure I certainly wasn't 10/10


  1. "...not saying I go about with Plus 4’s on and brogues with pipe sticking out my mouth..."

    What's wrong with that? One of the reasons I liked Foyle's War was because Foyle fished in a suit, shirt and tie. And a rather nice hat bordering on a Fedora.

    My pond is dug and is stocking up nicely. We should be in our cottage by Christmas and the restaurant open soon afterwards. Once it is all runnning, you will see me clad in WW1 Gaiters, britches and a service dress jacket with plenty of pockets for me cigars and hip flasks and wielding one of those split cane rods from that chappy you wrote about.

    This book sounds just the ticket. Everything home made, artisan sort of stuff. Ideal. Had to dig a well last week just to get the water to have a wash (needed one, dogs were getting confused and the wife was feeding me off the end of a pole). Reckon this book'll be an ideal stocking filler for any young lad.

  2. You wont be disappointed in Paul's book mate its right up your street. The dress code for the Lake I need to see mate so get a picture taken and drop it over, All the best George


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