Sunday, 27 January 2013

What a difference a day makes

After finishing off a busy week of duty engineer I was mind set on getting some fishing in over the weekend but unfortunately yesterday was not to be and the hopes of getting out today were not looking good if the local BBC weather station for once was correct in their predictions.

Last night the river was measuring a very nice 0.74m on the scale but here we are  14 hours later and its now reading 2.32m so for once the BBC were correct, lets just hope they dont start repeating themselves over the next few weeks like their TV programmes and we can get back out wandering the miles of new river sections I have now available to me after joining another new club for this season.

A day of topping up the fly boxes and finishing off the few floats I have currently on the varnish stand is called for I think, not the best thing to be doing on a sunday but I can certainly think of far worse things.
A couple from earlier this morning.

 Wont win any prizes but they catch fish and that's the aim of the game.

Had a go at my first streamer also today after speaking to a friend at lunchtime who fishes them frequently in the area where I will be fishing this year and says they can in the right conditions be very productive, something Ive not done for a long time so may give it a bash again this year.

A friend managed to get out yesterday onto a river just south of me with the floats I had made him a wee while back and this was the first outing with them, a lovely fish was caught all being it an out of season brown trout but a nice fish to start off with and get the floats christened. Well done John & I hope they bring you as much pleasure fishing with them as I get from making them. tight lines.

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