Friday, 1 February 2013

Now thats what I call freshness.

Was out working on an estate today on the North Yorkshire Moors which had a shoot on and after talking to the the estate manager learned that it was the last day of the pheasant shooting season, Of course when I heard this the inevitable question came out, can I please have some cock pheasant feather to make up some flies.
The estate manager took me into the shooting room and hanging up along the far wall was around 70 male & female pheasants all from the first drive and the was told, help myself, so I did!
working my way along the line selecting the best tail feathers for length not only for tying the nymphs up but for the quills to turn into floats once done.

Tonight with absolutely nothing on but watch the square box in the corner full of repeats I set about turning some of the feathers into nymphs.

Now that's what I call fresh, from the bird to fly in less than 8 hours. Hopefully the weather will hold off and this sunday plan to explore some virgin water where I've been told some big grayling lurk.....weather seems fine, just need some of the water to run off and hopefully get these tungsten heads down to the ladies.


  1. George, very nicely tied.

    Just the feathers and not a brace for the pot.


    1. I was told to take a few brace but honestly they would have been wasted as I'm the only one who would have eaten them, the neighbours arent that keen as I've had some in the past and they were declined.


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