Sunday, 10 February 2013

Floats at Last

It sees absolutely ages since I last finished off some floats, Almost 6 weeks ago since I made the present to myself, & I promised these guys that they would be finished before I take some time off for personal reasons, but I'm not planning to be out the game for too long if I get my way and everything goes OK.

Managed to finish off a couple of bobbers for a lad down in Wiltshire, he wanted one in white & one in yellow which seems to becoming more & more fashionable again with floats, as you will see from further on another float asked for with a yellow tip.

A single float this time for perch but instead of a normal bobber like the style above he wanted a more squared off top rather than tapered off.

Finally another salmon float for the worms heading off for this years season on the Clyde

I hope the guys using them get as much enjoyment from using them as I got from making them and keep in touch guys especially interested in seeing your fish when you catch them.


  1. Lovely looking Bobbers, George have to get some when you back making, got to be better than my Drennan chubbers.


    1. thanks Neil, not sure when I will be back at them but hopefully not too long.


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