Thursday, 14 February 2013

Soft Touch Shrimps

Some time ago I mentioned that I had been dabbling with some silicone after reading a step by step fly tying article written by Glen Pointon on his blog Glen's Blog on how to create his soft touch shrimps which he had devised for the Grayling.
I contacted Glen a few times informing him how I had got on whilst using them and was absolutely delighted for Glen when I saw his article published in this months Total Flyfisher, and a picture of Glen himself on the cover.
 Steve Cullen (The editor) has done a 5 page exclusive article on Glen's Soft touch shrimps which was fantastic for him as he has put a lot of effort & work into getting them right.
 I bought my copy this morning and whilst reading through it came upon the last chapter & I was absolutely flabbergasted that Glen had chosen to name me in the article with the fish I caught last trip up to the River Clyde.

A slight mistake it was actually 3lbs 3oz & not 3lbs 4oz but that's totally irrelevant it was a lovely gesture of Glen to mention it. I can honestly say the Soft Touch Shrimps do work and have accounted for quite a few of my Grayling this year when everything else has failed including trotted maggots.
Well done Glen totally deserved.


  1. That is amazing staff... I manage to catch 6 grayling and 1 trout in a row.
    Now I am trying to do them myself.

    1. The soft touch shrimps are spot on & all the credit goes to Glen :)


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