Sunday, 21 April 2013

Chicken & Grayling Mix

I had arranged to meet a friend for a day on the river and we had been watching the weather reports closely as the rivers are just starting to settle down after a flood on Thursday & more rain & high winds were due last night & today, luckily those didn't really materialise and we ventured out.
I arrived before my friend only to be met with curious chickens that were all over me as soon as I stepped out the car.

They were definitely not scared and were very inquisitive, but one did catch my eye and the thought of what lovely flies I could tie with the neck & body feathers, here chicky chicky...come see this lovely knife I have in my hand......

I walked down to the first pool chicken less I hasten to add and the water looked lovely and there was only a slight upstream wind blowing

It wasn't long before my partner for the day arrived and after a quick coffee & a chat we set about getting these two cane rods into action.

 My fishing partner waded out to the bottom of the pool and I cant quite think what he was doing in this photo but I could make plenty of suggestions....does my bum look big in these waders, I'm not quite sure myself :)

It didn't  take Graham too long to get a small brownie and soon afterwards I hooked what I thought was my first brownie of the year only for it to be a Grayling.

We fished on without much more interest and it wasn't till later on in the day Graham hooked another couple of trout  with this one being the best of them all at around the 1lbs mark.

I had a single fish rise only to miss it so between us we had 4 trout & a Grayling, not many fish showing at all but sporadic periods of fly hatches and the swifts making short work of them as the trout were taking no interest. Although not many fish it was a cracking day, good company and good banter and that's what its all about not just catching fish...till next time Graham.

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  1. I think we have both mentioned the real point of sport fishing before. I have friends that spend their every free day out on the water desperate to catch fish and come back empty handed whereas I am more concerned the cool box is well stocked with drinks and always come back with fish as a bonus.


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