Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Minnon, For non Scottish Blog readers that Minnow.
Well as I keep saying everyday is a school-day in life and last night was no different. A good friend Martin posted a step by step of Minnow fly patterns a few weeks ago and its something I always fancied trying my hand at and never bothered so after a quick order with Toby at  Funkyflytying  2 new Scottish minnon's were created.

Attempt One

Following martin's advice I used the colours that he had used, and as a 1st attempt after a bit of a haircut I dont think its too bad.

Attempt Two
Using some other colours which I had ordered, I swapped the tan for a more green/fawn for a different effect. Overall an enjoyable hour putting them together & experimenting and like I say something I have never tried before, now its all down to fishing them and seeing if these Yorkshire Trout like a bit of Scottish Minnon....

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