Thursday, 20 June 2013

Warm Nights & Small Fish

Last night although being on call for work emergencies I decided to take the chance and get out fishing for a few hours after all I've had no calls all week. Knowing my luck though I would get a call but took the chance anyway and glad that I did.

The night was very warm & humid and the swallows were all over the river taking flies on the wing. I headed to a spot I knew which had some deeper water as well as some shallow runs as the river level was dire and the bottom was covered in a silty sludge, virtually no rock wasn't touched by the stuff, a good flush through wouldnt go amiss.

There were plenty spinners on the river but very little fish activity on the surface and the ones which were moving were clearly seen to be small par.

I opted for some upstream spiders as I walked to the bottom of the beat, Starting off in a relative slow moving run on the 2nd or 3rd cast I hooked into a Grayling which after a few moments was gone, but it was lovely to see the fish come up and look at the fly before seconds later finally deciding to sip it in. I cast back into the same run and again another grayling appeared from nowhere and sipped the fly down and virtually the same happened as with the first, a few moments then off it went. Seconds later after another cast this little boy came to the net.

An hour or so passed before I touched another fish in a deep slow channel through some rocks and immediately it knew it was hooked and opted for the acrobatics and long runs before finally the fly parted company with the hook hold and it was gone. A lovely fish of around 2lbs...at least I know where it lives for next time.
 As I was walking back towards the car I seen out the corner of my eye some movement in the shallows so had a cast and was rewarded with a small trout which had undoubtedly been chasing insects in the shallow water.

The light was starting to fade fast and a look at my watch told me it was past my bedtime, so with that I was gone, a short but very enjoyable couple of hours with stunning scenery and some fish activity, what could be better in an evening.

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