Friday, 21 June 2013

Traditional in Miniature

A few months back I was asked if I would consider making some miniature floats for someone but at the time I had to decline due to health reasons, the thought kept bouncing around my head even after I knew the gentleman got something made specific for him, so purely as something to do recently as a project and to keep my eye in here are the results

I didn't make them too small so that they could never be used but, these would make a gudgeon hunter proud. Years ago I knew a gentleman on the Clyde who used these types of floats & smaller for the ladies of the stream with great success, however I think I would want something with a bit more shot capacity.

Made from 1950's Allcocks Cork and Eider Duck Quills I love the claret thread against the white quills and these have turned out better than how I had envisaged them.


  1. What shot do you think they would take then George?

    I think they might be ideal for fishing worms on my canal

  2. Am not quite sure yet George I haven't shotted them yet, plan on doing that in the next week as I'm really busy the next few days so wont get a chance but will let you know the results.

  3. George as promised the floats have just been shotted and they all took 5 x No 6, these dotted the floats to the bottom of the yellow band, so if needed they could take a couple more to dot them down even further.
    thanks for the interest.


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