Friday, 5 July 2013

Hare's & Trout

Last night I decided to get out onto the river for the last couple of hours of daylight thinking that a few fish might be showing, as I parked the car up I had a visitor follow me down the track, a big Hare which I stood and watched for over 10 minutes as I was setting up and he was so intent of feeding on the grass that he never blinked an eyelid on what I was up to.

I stood for over half an hour watching for any movement on the river and all that was showing were small Par, coming clear out the water in places but nothing of any weight or size so set up a cast with a small weighted nymph on point and went searching through the faster water. I touched a few fish which never took the flies properly then connected with a few small fish, that had eyes bigger than their belly.
This was the best fish of the night, small but well proportioned and wild.

An enjoyable couple of hours on the river which was gin clear and very low.

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