Sunday, 28 July 2013

Honest Officer Its a Dry Fly Floatant

 This weeks Fishing Update has had to be postponed due to two things, firstly there was the amount of rain that fell overnight in this part of the country, the rivers went from 0.030m to 1.64m in under 8 hours making it unfishable today and secondly my knee tendons and ligaments are playing up terrible and I cant wait for the knee operation to happen this Friday, so instead I thought I would answer a recent question I was posed whilst on the river.

Way back in January of this year reading through a friends blog  northcountryangler I came across Hydrophobic Fumed Silica...some may say what's all that about then, It is infact the same stuff that costs a small fortune in UK for a very small bottle which is branded as Frogs Fanny.
I'm glad that I read the article because it has saved me a small fortune this season with the amount of dry fly fishing I've done this season to date. A friend and myself went shares on buying a tub in case it was no good, I need not have bothered as I've been using it since the season started and cannot tell the difference so last week bought another tub of my own from the same source.

Instead of being charged £7.40 for this small bottle in the UK, I took my friends advice and bought it from the USA.

This one from the USA at around a Litre cost me including postage which I was well impressed with as it arrived within 8 days of ordering the product £21.88, just NO comparison.

I was asked recently by a blog reader what I use for my dry fly floatant, well this is the stuff, and to be honest I can find no difference from the small bottle which costs £7.40 a go to the Litre size tub which will refill the small bottle 60 or more times for £21.88.

I took my friends advice who took the advice from another friend, if you want to take my advice then you wont go far wrong or if you dont then you must have loads of money to throw around for your fishing .

We all ordered from this guy with no trouble at all.



  1. Yes, yes, yes. All well and good. But have you actually TRIED snorting it? I think we have a right to know!

  2. No & I wont be trying it either, I will send you some and you can snort it & let me know the results. ;)

  3. When you spill some on the surface whilst drying a fly, the trout go bonkers and come up to the surface to snort it!
    Nice post George!

  4. Thanks Matt, there you go Hippo the answer you have been looking for :)


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