Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Wet Flees on a Wet Night on a Wet River.

After being sat in meetings for most of the day at work and occasionally letting my mind drift off when the boring parts came around I got to thinking the river would be in fine fettle if no more rain appeared this afternoon, which thankfully it didn't, so with that in mind I set about getting my last fishing fix before my knee operation on Friday, after all I did miss my weekend session.
After arriving home and a quick, hello & cheerio to the wife I set about throwing the gear in the car and setting off up the dale for a few hours fishing.
I hadn't drove 5 miles when the heavens opened and the rain started pouring down and that was it do I go or do I turn around, damn its my last chance I'm going.

I arrived at the river as the mist was closing in over the tops of the Dale and the rain was steadily getting heavier but as I approached the river I could see some fish surface movement which instantly brought my hopes sky high again.

The river was a bit higher than normal with the run off of the rain from the last few days, with a tinge of colour but was looking OK to fish so opted for a team of spiders and started fishing upstream.

It didn't take long till I got my first pluck....miss, then my second pluck.....miss, then my third and connected with this wee chap.

That fish certainly brought a smile to my face no matter what the size as the rain was by this time constant & heavy.
It didn't take that much time till I got the unmistakable pluck again and I connected with my next fish, a better fish which decided it wanted to head for the branches of a willow tree that were hanging in the water and this is where we parted company with fly & fish.

It took me what seemed like ages to re-tying a new fly on,  I just could not get the line through the eye of the hook, not saying there is anything wrong with my eye sight but I was beginning to loose it when it finally slipped through and we got going again.

Another few casts another next few fish were coming to the net, nothing of any size again, but they was certainly bringing a smile to my damp lips.

The rain was heavy & constant and the river was starting to colour over more than before

As I turned and started making my way back to the car I saw a nice fish rising so covered it and totally fluffed the first cast on the back cast, so set about untangling my tippet to discover I had a small wind knot which I couldn't get out, it was too wet and starting to get less light than before so instead of re-tying it after my last escapade I tightened it up and hoped it would hold.....next cast....wrong it didn't hold fish on fish off!

That was it no more re-tying I would fish with a team of two so snipped the spare line off back to the dropper and fished on, I didn't do too bad as I connected and landed another couple of small fish.

So that was it a few hours in the rain on a rising river but I was happy as you can probably see from the next picture, damp and drookit on the outside but happy & warm on the inside.

Note to self...remember & put gortex in car next time and not to rely on shower proof jacket that is carried in the back of my waistcoat.
Well that's it for a few weeks as I'm off into hospital on Friday for an Operation, but at least I managed a fishing fix which will hopefully tide me over till I'm fit again to get back out....I can see a few floats being made in that time.....watch this space.

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