Friday, 9 August 2013

In Days of Old

A few months ago I bumped into a guy who was in this picture alongside me, first time I had seen him in over 10 years, we got chatting about all sorts of things when finally the subject came back to fishing and where we both were in our fishing paths now, since then both of us have chosen to give the match fishing up and return to more leisurely fishing.

Team 40 RA Champions 1996

Match Jacket Logo

It got me thinking and I decided to dust off some of the old dust collectors I had won over the years which were in boxes in the attic, some I had given away to clubs who were looking for cups and some were just scrapped as they had dents or were missing lids etc from our time of moving around in the forces.

I also came across some of my old match floats, bodied wagglers, straight wagglers & some insert wagglers I had stored away to fish another day, which they will never do now, so packed them all up and kept some of the old dust collectors I particularly liked and gave the rest away to a guy I know still on the local match circuit who runs some matches for kids as I knew he could re-use the dust collectors for the kids matches.

A month or so has now went by and last week a fellow amateur float-maker & myself were chatting when we got onto the subject of wagglers and how he liked to make them, but as he was only starting out in the float making he didn't get the chance to make many, due to materials, time, etc.
 I haven't properly sat down & made wagglers for a long time so as a wee boast to his collection and to keep me occupied I decided to make a few, these are the first of the few and are insert boded wagglers, am sure he will make good use of them in his quest for the Roach & Tench he fishes for.

3 insert boded wagglers of varying lengths

No longer my style of fishing and its been a while since I made any but it certainly passes the time.

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