Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The Grayling are Coming

Well with me now laid up for a few weeks after my Successful knee operation, which although hurts like hell at times, mainly when I'm trying to sleep for some odd reason, they assure me it a success and removed some bone which had fused to my crucial ligament and micro fractured my knee, Doesn't bear thinking about.

Anyway I cant be sitting around bored so had prepared these floats almost ready for painting before I went into hospital so here they are finished off, all ready for the forthcoming Grayling season & together with some tagged Griffith Gnats I tied up we are well on the way for the Ladies forthcoming season.

The Flee & Float

A little Black Number

Green with Yellow band

Red with a Dark Oak Stain

Natural with some Spiralling

Deep Mahogany & Red

Light Oak and Orange

Yellow with Black Spiralling

Yellow with Rosewood

The Floats
The Flee


  1. Works of art - simply beautiful! Takes me back to fishing for perch in my youth.

  2. Thanks for the comment who ever you are, please leave a name so I can reply with manners :)

  3. Blimey george they're superb....as are your insert wagglers. I'm sure your skills are going better and better...seriously ! Only downside to your floats is they look to nice to use and i'd be very naffed off if I lost one :).


  4. Ian,
    Just doing what I always do on the floats, like I keep saying my floats are for using,I dont make floats to be works of art, to look pretty and be hung on a wall in a picture frame, I make them for what they were designed for..........catching fish.

    I still stick with that, its probably the photographic skills that have improved in conjunction with the bag of feathers I'm currently using as backdrops...now where did I get them from again.....lol
    cheers again George


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