Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Passing Time

I dont think I have made so many floats in a long time, or re-read so many books, some of which make me chuckle everytime I read them, purely to pass the time of day and to try & keep constructive without getting into a rut.
Not being able to work some folk might think is great but not being able even go for a  walk without being in pain is another thing, right now I know I would rather be back at my work, but alas not yet so to fill my day I continue to make floats and re - read books, the latest one being Tales from the waters edge by Tom Quinn

I had forgotten how funny & interesting this book is, especially forgot the amount of Traditional drawings of floats, rods and mentions of angling in the archives it contained. Definitely well worthy of re-reads.
I also put the finishing touches to two sets of trotting floats last night, one set will head North to Scotland,whilst the other will be available for purchase should anyone be asking for them.

Identical in every detail apart from the staining on the stems & one not so deliberate mistake which I only seen after taking the photographs.

This set will head North to Lanarkshire, not too far away from where I was born & brought up, so am sure will see the waters I used to fish at some point, the stained set of 4 will be available.

  Broken down into their identical, apart from the stem colouring

And finally the mistake, only identified whilst taking the photographs...

The whipping on the unstained showing how it should look like, with the stained stem being wrong! 
As my Old school teacher used to say " Must pay attention to detail"


  1. Wow George, your deffo churning out some high class floats m8....well done !


  2. Thanks Ian, have got nothing better to do right now so might as well keep myself occupied.


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