Friday, 30 August 2013

All in Green

Last couple of floats off the drying rack this morning and I have to say the last 4 weeks they have kept me from going around the bend being stuck in the house, however yesterday after visiting the house of pain (Physio Dept)  I've lost the crutches and gained a walking stick in their place.

So, I will be out and about more and I suppose the next natural progression is to a wading stick next, chasing the grayling  :), unfortunately still a few weeks away yet!

First trio are a set of 5AAA trotting floats in mixed colours and silks.

2nd lot are a couple of inverted crow quills on balsa which initially were being started off as crow quill trotters but someone asked how I made them so they turned into a teach in on how to make them so ended up as stillwater floats.

They both take just over 4BB is shot and are really sensitive floats and would be ideal on canals or on lakes.

And finally the ones I prefer the most myself as the creator, 4 Balsa & Cane Trotters

2 different sizes the larger ones at 5AAA and the smaller ones at 5BB.

Done with black & red silk they turned out very nice set against the green painted body & stem.


  1. George - Interested to see in your reply to my earlier comment on zoomers, your reference to Billy Lane floats. Being a Coventry Kid all my tackle was purchased in his shop and I fondly recall his Ultra float range(I have several still today and note that the Ultra float name still exists but with no sign of any of the Classics). The loaded sarcandas I mentioned we made to fish caster in shallow water tight under far bank foliage, on the many canals in this area.

  2. Hi Colin, I still have the ultra range catalogue from Billy's shop which I purchased years back from a collector, Along with his books it makes great references and I love reading his books, I'm a big fan of Billy.


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