Sunday, 18 August 2013

Red Clawed Crayfish

I was sitting reading through a recent angling magazine when I came across Brian Harris and his dressing for a red clawed crayfish which reminded me of a story a close fishing friend told me about a big trout he caught at the start of this season on the River Clyde.
He had been fishing into the Gloaming when he hooked into a Big Clyde Trout and landed it and to no surprise it was stuffed with small baby crayfish. If anyone doesn't know who reads the blog the Upper River Clyde is plagued by them, originally escapees from a farm they have over the years decimated the river but the bigger trout have been proven to be feeding on them and this is probably why they grow to the sizes they are.
I decided to dabble with the vice this afternoon and made a few small adjustments to Brian's dressing, Nothing magical for the first couple off the vice but something to pass some time & you never know one may even join the growing numbers on the Clyde next season.

 Added a two tails from a hen Pheasant wing to blend in with the red claws which are flanks from a Golden Pheasant.

A bit of fun tying something away from the everyday Norm.


  1. I have a dressing for crayfish that meets with universal approval:

    Mix equal parts of Salad Cream and tomato ketchup. Add salt and pepper and a dash of Tabasco sauce to taste. Very nice served on a bed of sliced Avocado and shredded iceberg lettuce. A bit of chopped fresh Coriander leaves enhances it.

  2. Funny that's the same dressing that I would have as well mate for the real thing :) the authorities over here dont like everyone capturing them & taking them away in-case they spread them to other non infected rivers, best place I take them if I find enough is to a pan of boiling water :)

  3. Send 'em over here. The authorites could see for themselves I was boiling them up and charging fifty bucks a plate...

    But then they'd try and tax me.

    Looks like it's your problem.

  4. Don't be surprised if you catch grayling, big grayling on one of these...


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