Saturday, 7 September 2013

Autumnal Feelings

Yesterday as I sat  working on finishing off some floats and looking out the window over the Dales you could tell the Autumn is fast approaching with the heavy rain, dull skies and a positive nip in the air. So its not surprising that a few lads have asked me to make them some perch bobbers and a couple of trotting floats for the ladies which I finished off yesterday.

A couple of Perch Bobbers for a local lad who wants to have a try for the Perch he has heard about that frequent a part of the local beck.

And a couple of Trotting floats for the ladies of North Yorkshire

Whilst finishing off floats for other people I managed to finish off a couple of stillwater floats I'm putting together for  a presentation box which is to be auctioned off in aid of charity later in the year, so that's coming along nice and building up, its going to be a split box with a few stillwater floats and a few river floats, then it suits everyone.

A couple of stepped insert sarkandas reed wagglers to start the box off, approx 8" in length

and a couple of straight bodied wagglers

Again constructed from Sarkandas reed with Cane inserts, This should cover the stillwater situation  without   diving too deep into it.

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