Saturday, 28 September 2013

Blast from the Past

I made contact again with an old friend I haven't spoken to or seen since my days in Germany through the early 80s and 90s and we got chatting about all sorts & as things do they always turn to fishing. I told him I lost the photos of the old fishing lake & lodge where we used to spend many a day chasing trout as that was all that was available to us then and low & behold some arrived in my email box this morning.
Colin your a gent.

The impressive building at the back of the lake is called Schloss Bredebeck, once the hunting lodge of Adolf Hitler when he was visiting his troops in Loheide & Belsen.
(The infamous Belsen Concentration Camp).

 This was the lake that Hohne Garrison Angling Club had for its fly fishermen in the early days, breeding our own stock of brown & rainbow trout in rearing ponds before transferring them to the lake for sport. As club secretary it was my duty to go up twice a day and feed the fish whilst in the rearing ponds, an excuse which often seen me dodge some parades due to the chore.....not that it was a chore.

And this was the clubhouse & Bar called the Ida Hoare Lodge, many a happy night spent in there.

Colin informed me the lake & clubhouse fell into disrepair once the main regiments caring for it left at the back end of the 90s but thankfully a school teacher teaching in one of the forces schools has resurrected it and its now being used as a coarse fishing lake again for both British & German members. Many happy memories of this place whilst serving in Germany for 17 years.
Thank you Colin you really are a true gent.

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