Friday, 27 September 2013

Off the Top

I had some time to myself last night when the wife was watching some obscure programme on TV, so decided to answer a few blog readers questions, which were what flies have I been using to catch the fish recently.
I  will gladly help anyone who asks so tied up a few more of the flies I have been having success with.

The first one is a fly I only discovered in August & that was the Grayling Fiddler.

There was a few adaptations to the materials when I researched it, but I used  the basic materials which have worked.
Red tying thread taken down the body then three or four turns back where I have dubbed in red seal fur and tied off with an off white cock hackle.

The infamous Sturdy's fancy needs no introduction and probably has accounted for more Grayling than any other dry fly.

& finally I cant find where I got the idea from for this one from, the internet somewhere Im sure but an adaptation of the Griffiths Gnat with a pink tag both at the top & the bottom.

Thats the flies that have produced recently for me, but like everything else its a lot of factors which will result in fish in the net, but I hope this helps the couple of guys who have emailed me.
Tight Lines.

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