Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Grayling & Split Cane

A friend called around this morning to see how I was recuperating and after some deep conversation persuaded me that I would be OK to go fishing!
He knew just the spot where I wouldnt need to do any bank climbing around and it was an easy walk from the car.....So armed with my wading stick and him as my guide/chauffeur we set off up the Dale.  I have not cast a rod since the 31st July which seems an eternity.

We made it to the river and I got a few casts in then hooked my first fish, a lovely Wee Wild Brownie

I had taken my Allcock Alpha rod, a good rod but not as expensive to fix or replace should I slip or fall,  I didn't want to risk taking my normal split cane rod...just in case!

A few cast more and I paid the ultimate price for my stupidity, I hooked a branch on the far side and tried to flick the line off when this happened....The rod split

about quarter way down the top section, well as you can imagine I was calling  myself all the names under the sun, My friend came back upstream to see what had happened and he thought that was it the fishing would be over........ No way was I going home after only 30 minutes, so a quick feel around in my waistcoat and the quick fix, not perfect but it cast a short line so that was enough.

Sliding on my backside down the bank into the water...very dignified but I would take the pain on getting out later, every inch closer to the fish counted now.

Off we set again short lining and it didnt take long till another wee Brownie succumb to the dry fly, and the rod held out.

I seen a decent grayling smutting so decided to cover her and see if she would take the dry, and she did first cast over & in slow motion up she came and sipped it down, now we would see if the fix would hold out......luckily it did and she slipped into the net.

A nice Grayling in the net caught on the dry fly, nothing could be better. Life was great at that moment.

And off she goes to fight another day.

By this time my knee was aching so I took some time out whilst my fishing partner headed downstream for a while and as I sat with a brew taking in the stunning scenery, I could only think about how much I had missed in the 7 weeks since my last outing.

Taking a slow walk/limp back to the car I had a few casts back upstream an connected with another wee Brownie.

A right little pie eater this fish looked, lovely golden underbelly and fat as anything for its size, he had been feeding well.

Well that was my afternoon, back home and a few painkillers with my leg up & plugged into the tens machine, good as gold and I can honestly say even though it was painful I would do it all again tomorrow.....well maybe next week we will see.....


  1. That outing probably did you more good than harm, and what a successful day!

  2. I loved it mate, it was great to get back out & it certainly made everything I have when I go fishing so much special, the scenery, the atmosphere and everything else, fish were a welcome bonus but were not a necessity I would still have loved it if I had caught nothing :)


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