Saturday, 14 September 2013

Oak & Green

Managed to finish off a few more floats I have been working on last night, as I keep getting messages from friends telling me the Grayling season is nearly upon us & I want some floats so at least I have a few to part with when they ask, which I mixed up a bit with colours and designs.

A couple with no collars, I quite like these myself and would be ideal for the ladies. Black silk ribbed with red & orange corresponding with the colour of the tops.

Then a couple with white colours

One with orange silk throughout and the other done in black with a red band to correspond with the colour of the top again.

 Two elongated bodies in Oak and two smaller bodies all done in natural oak with various colour silks and white collars.

Also made a few with wire stems in green in a couple of colours

I'm looking forward to fishing with a couple of these myself which I created in oak for myself

Exactly the same as the 3 above but done with oak stain, I'm look forward to trying these out after some of the ladies up the Dales.


  1. Right! That inspiration overload has decided it for me. I must make some floats...

    Your floats are truly beautiful!


  2. Thanks RR always nice to receive feedback from blog readers, means I'm doing something right.
    Have Fun making them as that's what its all about.

  3. Those green ones like the ones your keeping for yourself look spot on George. You seem to have given them more shoulder than the normal avon styles :).


  4. The green ones have more shoulder Ian as you quite rightly say but dont carry that much weight only 2BB as I was experimenting with oversized Pole float designs.

  5. Mmm, even carrying 2bb's they're still good for some conditions George and I would imagine you could make them in bigger sizes if you needed to. I reckon that shape of body with a thin stem is as good a trotting float as you can get really. As you know I use avon bolos in different sizes for nearly all my trotting. I've found they are suitable for all flows and conditions in the right sizes.



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