Saturday, 26 October 2013

1st there was the Float, then the Blog now the Book..

Tom (Hippo) you have a lot to answer for.
For readers who arent in the know there is this Fellow Ex Servicemen living in Angola who has been a follower of the blog since the beginning, he has pestered, & pestered me for a book, well Tom you have your bloody wish.....lol, now I cant be mean, since Tom started reading the blog I have sown the seed of a fishing lake and fly fishing in his brain and yes you guessed, he went and made a fishing lake in Angola, I'm still waiting on my Grand Invitation though....lol

After quite a few sleepless nights, sifting through the Flee & float going back 12 months for material to put in the book, here it is.....My Copy

58 pages of me rambling on about my fishing exploits and pictures. To keep things in perspective I took a starting point of September when I really start to fish for Grayling in earnest & from there took 5 of my all time favourite fishing ramblings from the last year and wrote them in here coupled with 170 photos of fish, scenery & wildlife, sorry Tom no bits on how to teach dad how to fish....maybe in the sequel....aye right!

I have to say a few rogues made the pages of the book which I have to say I'm astonished at the quality of and even though I was pestered into making it, its something I always fancied doing so dont feel too bad Tom.

I received the master copy today by post which as always there is a few tweaks I want to make to it, this wont go on public sale so dont be rushing off to W.H. Smiths, or anywhere else looking for it, I'm not going to make millions or anything like that its simply a book which I have designed & written for family & friends and will only get printed off when anyone wants one.....simples.......Tom I dont want any smart ideas for at least another 5 years as this was bad enough doing this one, some midnight oil burnt when brain wouldnt close down & let me get to sleep, but thanks for sowing the seed I feel quite chuffed seeing my name on the Hardback cover.


  1. That book looks like bloody rubbish to me. What did you do, soak the paper in your breakfast tea?. Besides, as a marketing man, you are effing useless. Where can I buy it? I want a button on your blog I can press that deletes everything from my Natwest account so they can charge me 'pay day loan' interest rates on the overdraft.

    Please let me know when it is up for public release!

    Well done mate. Ooh, there I was saying you are a marketing wanker and you release just in time for Christmas....

    I am sure it is not worth the effort.

  2. Tom, Dont you come on here pestering me anymore, you have gave me sleepless nights and sore heads....
    Cold tea was used as that's all its good for, I'm a coffee man myself wouldnt drink tea if you paid me....lol I know I'm a crap salesman but hey the book will have less copies so when I'm gone it will be worth more...think on it!
    will drop you a line when I have tweaked it.

  3. I look forward to your email! OK, I'll admit I bugged you about this but aren't you just a teensy weensy bit pleased?

  4. I am pleased especially as I opened the package and saw my name on the bottom of it, the hours of work into the wee hours made it all well worth while & something I will cherish for the rest of my life.


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