Thursday, 31 October 2013

Flee & Float Book Costing

Guys, I have now had several emails from what I would call acquaintances rather than close friends, basically people I have never met but said they want a copy of the book.
I wrote the book the Flee & Float predominately for family & close friends, so if they wanted a copy I would get them one.

The cost to get the book printed each time is £25.32 including postage, The book is A4 size and at the time I was not looking at getting many copies printed so chose the better quality options. If the people who have emailed me inquiring about the book still want a copy then you now know the details, There is no tips, hints or tricks in the book simply a few stories extracted from the blog with general nature, fishing and landscape photographs. If after reading this your still adamant you want a copy then please drop me an email. Cheers.


  1. Yes please!

    I'll have to work out how to get you the money as I do not have an internationally accepted debit or credit card.

    If you get enough firm offers to buy, perhaps you should try for a bulk discount? That way you pay less for the copies you buy as presents for family and friends.

    I think it was worth the effort to produce the book, don't you?

  2. George I want a copy to add to my expand fishing library.


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