Saturday, 23 November 2013

A Few heading North...Again.

I have made more floats in the last few weeks which are bound for Scotland than anywhere else, not that I'm complaining because I know before long exactly where they will be fished and hopefully what they will be connected too....BIG Grayling.
Latest set of floats to go are for a good friend who is a class act when it comes to the Ladies & I mean the Grayling.

A complete set of floats, 2 at 5BB, 2 at 7BB & 2 at 5AAA.

 Orange Tips

Red Tips

                                                            Yellow Tips.

Tight Lines Mate & I know you will put them to good use.


  1. These Floats will Never be used as Ornaments, These Floats will Never be Polished, These Floats will be used Battered & Bruised tae the Max, Exactly what there Made For--Graylin Haulers.!!

  2. Glad that you like them Scooby & I know you will use them for what they were designed for. The pleasure was mine in making them for you.
    cheers George


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