Sunday, 24 November 2013

Good Company & Nice Ladies

As always I had planned to get up early O'clock and head out after the ladies, last night a good friend got a clearance chit to go fishing so it was arranged we would meet on the river.
I had a lousy night's sleep as the neighbours child is teething and from the moment I went to bed until the moment I got up  he had been crying and of course they just leave him, how they can sleep through it I just dont know, I certainly didn't!

Anyway arrived up the Dale and the moon was just out in no more....

Thats the moon middle right, the small white dot, it was definitely not, a braw bricht moonlicht nicht last nicht, and for my English friends...It was not a bright moonlight night last night...lol

As I walked through the dark down to the river a lone goose flew overhead making a racket as it went and along the hedgerow I could make out some movement but couldn't quite see what it was, probably a rabbit.

It's invigorating sitting by the river as its starts to get light and you see what awaits you and as I set up I hear a salmon slap itself against the water as it made its way upstream. It was not cold at all which was surprising as the temperature on the car dash read 2*C but it certainly didn't feel like it.

The first fish of the day came just after it got light, this time it was a grayling.

A nice fish to open today's account and for the next hour I continued to take Grayling from that run amounting to 18 fish and still no fishing partner.

The fish were of a mixed stamp and smaller than the ones that I had taken from the same run last week, but nevertheless great sport.

I started making my way upstream keeping a watchful eye open for my friend, taking fish from runs as i moved upstream.

Again this week I've had problems with the auto focus on the camera, some pictures have came out where others are totally out of focus so much so when you look at them, they make your eyes water.

I thought it may have been the lens fogging up but the camera is kept in a dry pack all day and is only taken out when taking pictures so why the autofocus works sometimes when other times it doesn't is beyond me, I think Santa Claus may have to get a note.

The morning was starting to wear on and in one pool I managed to land a lovely grayling which I estimated to be in the 2lbs bracket, so I unhooked her and placed her in the net at my feet whilst I got the scales & camera out, only to watch her flip out the net, slide between my feet and slip away into the depths, ah well obviously didn't want her picture to be taken or to know her weight!

I started making my way up stream when I came across a tree fungi which was still alive, even after all the cold spells as most have now turned to black and are in the dying off process.

As I walked upstream I came across an opportunity to grab a quick self snap, something I dont often do, but the opportunity arose so here is me in all my glory, so if you see me on the bank do say hello.

As I moved upstream I came across a big cock pheasant lying in a small patch of grass,I fear it was not alive & kicking, it must have been nicked in a shoot and died of its wounds, but I hate to see anything go to waste so stripped it of its tail feathers and other feathers which will make some good pheasant tail nymphs and of course some cracking stems for trotting floats.

It was then my friend Graham finally made an appearance and wished me good morning, the reply was good afternoon and it was morning when I got here, all in good faith, after a quick chat the fishing died away, am sure he brings bad luck each time we meet up so we both wandered off upstream chatting as we went.

I allowed Graham to get first chuck in the next set of runs as he was fishing his small cane fly rod so sat back and watched him release some fish at range.

And here we have the lesser spotted green backside Mr Graham Vasey. I was going to ask if the patch on the backside of his waders was for a reason or did it come as standard, but thought better of it.
After Graham fished through I followed suit and never touched a fish, infact all the way up till lunch where we sat under the branches of the big chestnut I never encountered another fish. I had some lovely coffee, Graham thought so to as he brought his cup but nothing else!

We made our way back downstream again and as soon as I split from Graham I started catching again, Now I definitely know he is a jinxed, but he did make it on time to witness the biggest fish of the day a lovely grayling of 2lbs 14oz.

After Graham captured me on his camera, he wondered down ahead of me and I continued to take fish from here & there.

This one was definitely an old warrior, as it had the battle scars to show

The stamp of fish from a few runs I fished last week had declined and the bigger ladies didn't show it was left to the smaller ones to make most of today's sport, the river was clearer than last week and had dropped a couple of inches also so wether the ladies had moved already into the deeper water who knows.

Later on we met up again and split a pool between us, me taking the top Graham on the bottom, it wasn't long till both of us were into the fish and one fish in particular with making life difficult for me as I could not move her upstream at all, and she was putting a good bend on the rod, it felt a lovely fish so I started walking downstream towards her to get some leverage on her from the faster water, even Graham commented and then you guested off she came just as I got a peak of her head, a lovely big fish, Jinx had worked his magic again!

Seriously though it was great company for a change, friendly banter and some nice fish all in I had 44 grayling & 2 trout, as for Jinx I'm not quite sure what he ended up with, but a great day all round.


  1. Another superb days fishing George. Regarding the aforementioned clearance chit, can you advise where these are obtainable please as I'm feeling strong urges to get back out on the river before you empty it :)



    1. Dave am sorry to say I wouldnt know as I have a lifetime pass for fishing from my wife, she knew 26 years ago what she was getting into, after all its only 1 day a week :)

  2. Only 44 grayling this weekend George! Great post and pics as always.

    1. Thanks Brian, I was easing off to allow Graham a few, normal service hopefully resumed again soon, seriously I'm overwhelmed at the amount of Grayling over the last 3 weekends, that's 142 Grayling in 3 days of fishing, and that's not including the amount of fish that's slipped the hook I've never had a start like that before so am savouring the moment as its not always like that.


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