Saturday, 14 December 2013

In the Nick of Time

Well that's the float making over now till after Christmas, The final floats of 2013 are complete and the charity box I make up each year is all complete & ready to be handed in.

3 Perch Bobbers heading south to the River Kennet.

Also a few trotting floats heading up North again for a close friend, not that much Trotting will get done the next few days with the rivers all up and gale force winds battering Scotland.

And finally the finishing touches to a box of floats which is being donated to a raffle for charity in aid of Cancer in Kids, as always I like to make up a float box around this time of year although I contribute to other people's charity events throughout the year this one is solely my doing and after hearing a plea from some friends who are raising awareness of cancer in Kids I hope this small token will boost the coffers for the Charity.

The finished article ready to be sent away.

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