Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Out with the Old

I said a week or so back that there would be no more floats till 2014.
I Lied!
The telly has been garbage, the weather atrocious and I'm so glad I never took any days off apart from the necessary ones as 1 day of fishing in a month definitely sends a Grayling Angler over the edge.  
So some floats reserved for next year are complete with a 2013 tag on them....the Very Last.

Reserved for an almost forgotten method North of the Border, I cant say much on the subject apart from "The Gadger."
I was asked for a couple of sizes to suit differing situations so made a few sizes in total, these are the first two sizes and the smallest size will be completed in the New Year.

I'd  like to take this opportunity to wish everyone all the very best for 2104, If your an angler may your line be pulled more than 2013.

To all my Scottish Friends
 Slàinte mhòr agus a h-uile beannachd duibh.

& to my English Friends
Great health and every good blessing to you.
 I'm off to crack a wee dram from a bottle of Royal Salute 21 year Old I've been saving and toast absent friends.

Cha bhithidh a leithid ami riamh.


  1. You have a good New Year!

    Sadly, after many decades of hard drinking, I am now off the booze so I shall toast your health with ginger juice and sprite!

    1. Tom,
      The very best to yourself & your family have a great New Year, I know the feeling about the drink, I dont think there is one ex Squaddie not suffering. I allow myself a small (Very Small) dram after the Kidneys packed in a couple years back but only on special occasions.


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