Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Some Constuction Work is good for the Soul

Well its here a New Year and I guarantee some of my friends feel & look a bit like this today...

I've no sympathy, serves you right!

I've been keeping myself busy & out the way of the wife this morning as she was cracking on with a superb lunch which the first course has already been served & lovely it was too.
I normally post at the start of the year with some New Floats but this year there isn't any....Yet!
After carrying out some construction work yesterday I've been adding the final touches to some Cased Caddis and Caddis Bugs that I've been tying up for when the rivers final do start to recede.

For the sake of the observant amongst you the Barbs will be squashed down before use as the only weighted hooks I could get the other day in the Orvis shop were barbed.

Tied up on a couple of different sized hooks.

And a couple of non cased versions 

Tight Lines to everyone this year.....& Dont forget your season tickets require renewing!

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