Thursday, 6 February 2014

Back to some familiar tyings

I simply love my upstream spider fishing, and it probably accounts for 90% of my fly fishing throughout the year, probably because it was what I was taught when I first started fly fishing all those years ago on the River Clyde & its main tributary the River Avon.

River Avon "doon the Braes" where I learned the art of fly fishing.

The usual clyde style patterns were used combined with the traditional spider patterns.

Today I still like to use the traditionals and since moving to Yorkshire find the flies I used back then are just as relevant today and more so in Yorkshire with a lot of the North Country Spiders originating from the places I fish today such as Swaledale & Wensleydale.

 Woodcock & red a fly that has accounted for a lot of trout & Grayling over the years for me and always a go to fly if struggling.

A twist to the original, woodcock & lime, very good when light olives are hatching.

& finally a partridge & orange variant with a touch of peacock herl, another productive fly on the rivers around Yorkshire that I fish.


  1. Like them George, nice and sparse.

  2. Just the way I like the spiders Brian :)

  3. Hi George.
    Beautiful flies and a nice looking stream.
    On some of your photos I can see that you are fishing with a bamboo Fly rod, what kind of rod is this .... I'm just a little curious.
    Nice to see that there are more people using bamboo Fly rods.


    1. Hi Jan,
      Good to hear from you and thank you for the kind words.
      The rod I use mostly nowadays is a rod made for me by Gary Marshall, its an 8ft 6" 5 # rod.
      I have a couple of other cane rods but the other I mostly use is use again is an 8ft 6" 5# rod called the kielder made by Greys of Alnwick.
      Very rarely nowadays do I use a carbon rod for trotting or fly fishing.
      best regards George


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