Tuesday, 4 February 2014

1st real Dabblings with CDC....Updated

I've had a small try with CDC in the past but never really got anywhere with it, always resulting in turning to my faithful spider patterns for the rivers I fish but I vowed that this year I would get away from the shop bought CDC flies and have a dabble myself.

Earlier tonight I had a go at some CDC olives, nothing in particular just trying to put something together that looked reasonable enough for a cast, the only real problem that I found was how much of a wing to leave and after cutting them down to what I thought was reasonable, wasn't really impressed with the after effects, I much prefer the natural uncut look, so after a bit of advice from Martin & JT they will be better 2nd time around

1st dabble...nicknamed the pig.

a small hatch on my desk

Every day is a school day and with the advice given hopefully next time they will look a bit better. Thanks for the sound advice greatly appreciated.


After last night's advice from a couple of friends I dropped the Generous Jock approach to tying with CDC and brought out the Yorkshire side in me and came out with this.......

Seems there is something to being a Jock in Yorkshire,.....less is more.


  1. George, the trick when tying in CDC for the wing is to trust your eye. Tie in the feather with a few turns and then pull the feather to length before finally tying down fully. Trust your perceptions of proportions, they'll rarely be out. The results will be far superior to ones where the CDC has been cut. Only other thing to add would be trying to get the body a little slimmer and the tails a little shorter. There's no doubt your first attempts will work perfectly well. Hope that helps.

  2. Thanks Ben your comments are appreciated, pretty much what JT said also, some wise words from him & taken on board. Cheers buddy

  3. Well they look brilliant......


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