Sunday, 2 February 2014

Yet Another Washout.

I had planned on a trip this weekend up to the Borders for the Grayling but yet again the weather on Friday killed any chance of that.

I had like most other anglers been anxious that the weather during the week would hold out and the rivers would get back to a resemblance of what they should be like.....No chance. I think they called this one Storm Brigit after some ancient person in Ireland......No disrespect to any Irish blog watchers but keep Brigit over there.

With another weekend of no fishing I was forced to a day of Shopping with the wife in Harrogate but only agreed to it as I knew a stop at the All Water Fly Fishing shop on the way home would be worth the effort & it was, with a good stock up on fly tying materials I can sit back this afternoon and add to the increasing amount of dry flies and spiders I will have prepared for the forth coming trout season.

Last night I managed to finish off another couple of floats for a Grayling angler who I think wont be needing them for a while as no doubt he will be in the same predicament as myself.

 As they say " There is always next weekend"

 Between turning down some Canadian cedar into float bodies which were sent to me from a friend in Newfoundland, I managed to get a short time at the tying vice and put together some CDC flies, Something I havent really bothered with but only dabbled in from time to time but always nice to have some tied up just incase.

Finally finished off the afternoon with some size 18 spiders and palmer's in different colours which I did really well on last year on some of the rivers.


  1. Excellent looking flies and floats as usual George!

    Complete wash out for me today as well.....fingers crossed for the forthcoming week.

    1. Thanks Jim, The last weeks river levels on the graph looks like the Cairngorm mountains range, its got that many peaks & troughs. maybe next week.


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