Saturday, 12 July 2014

You want me to make it from what!

Recently I received a correspondence from someone I have lots of respect for as a fishermen & as a person who keeps angling in the limelight. In the correspondence he informed me he had heard a lot of recent hipe about fishing with Teasel, and asked if I could make him a couple?

Firstly I didn't want to say no to the guy as I respect him for who he is, 2nd I had never worked with the material myself, I've seen lots being made by others but it was a material that I hadnt bothered with in the past.

So after some digging around,  I went and sourced a couple of pieces to suit my needs, and for anyone who doesn't know what teasel is its a plant found quite commonly throughout the UK and looks like this...

I was asked if I could make a stillwater float and a large river float to suit his needs, so this is what I came up with.

A teasel bodied waggler style float for stillwater with a birch wood antenna and a teasel bodied goose quill for his river float as it was stipulated in needed to be quite large.

Like I say a material I have never bothered working with in the past and this is the very first time I have even bothered with the material but I did not want to let this person down out of respect for him, he has seen the pictures of the floats now time will tell if the floats perform to his expectations.......here's hoping!


  1. Very nice George, very nice indeed.
    How did you find working with the teasel?

  2. Thanks Graeme, I found it not too bad to work with after a small amount of time of trial & error with the carving down & sanding. I have to say the most awkward part of the process was the collection, I seemed to get all the teasel heads stuck to every part of clothing I was wearing that day.

  3. As you know, I have used it for a wee while now and have made some bodied waggler using it. I find it to be very buoyant and as such takes quite a bit of shot, thus making it great for fishing the waggler at distance.

    1. aye you stillwater boys need a load of shot unlike us proper anglers ;)

  4. Replies
    1. Up close & personal with some river-craft Graeme, not long range bombs...I remember my match days with fondness but seen the light again......lol :)

  5. Aye, it's a long time since I trotted a float down a run on the Avon!
    Defo going to give it a go later in the year.


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