Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Super Pupa

I was recently having a chat on one of the well known social media sites about smutting trout & Grayling and what I would use, I have to say for me 99.9% of the time this is the fly I turn to in that occasion...the Super Pupa.

First sent to me by my friend & author John Roberts some years ago, this fly has accounted for more of my trout & grayling than I would care to admit, even to some of my angling friends, indeed initially I kept it a hidden secret but I believe things are meant to be shared and recently after another friend posted a few pictures of it a discussion struck up and one thing led to another.

I've heard stories from various other anglers how John had joined them on the Dales rivers in this area and after they had tried to capture a rising grayling and failed, John had stepped in and on the first cast had taken the fish using a Super Pupa.

In his book John says that it has become one of his most successful flies for trout & grayling, he various the colours to suit the hatch but the most productive of colours is cream & brown. The fly is fished damp in the film or as a floater.
This is the dressing John describes and the one I have stuck with.
Hook 12 - 18
Abdomen: Cream, olive or grey fine poly dubbing (Fly-Rite) along two thirds of the shank.
Thorax: Dark Brown or black fine poly dubbing.
Body hackle: Palmered cock; light bright on the cream body blue dun on the others, with the upper & lower fibres cut away.

I have learned from chatting with a friend that the fly originated in1977  and was created by Swedish fly-tyer and fly-angler Lennart Bergquis.
I've linked to it for interested parties super-pupa as it does make a very good read.
Tight Lines.


  1. Thanks for that George, I'm going to get busy on the vice for the next trip out.

  2. Your welcome Brian, I hope it brings you as many fish as it has for me. Tight lines.

  3. Great fly, I started it using it years ago George from my favourite recipe book...John Roberts Guide to river trout flies...

  4. It is indeed Andy, I'm an avid collector of John's books since I first discovered his 1st book the grayling angler way back in 1982, I've got all his books now & way back then I never thought I would end up knowing him personally.

  5. Looks a great fly george , just tied up a few uv pinks for the upcoming season , may tie up a few of these as well , give them a good go ..

    1. You wont go wrong with them Shaun. cheers for stopping by.


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