Thursday, 18 September 2014

Who pulled the plug

Today was my last trip out this season for the Brown trout due to upcoming commitments, I could only muster a couple of hours due to getting other things sorted but I'm glad it wasn't any longer as that would have been torture.

I arrived just before lunch time on the river and my first thought was "Who pulled the plug". The river was at its lowest I've seen in a long time.

Looking downstream on which is normally a very good moving piece of water for the trout

Even the normally fast water feeding this stretch was more like a trickle.

Nevertheless its not all about the fish and just being on the river is reward enough so undeterred I set up and sat back and watched to see if any fish would rise in these conditions. after a short time I saw a single fish rising well downstream in slightly deeper water so walking well back from the river in amongst the trees I headed downstream and knowing there wasn't many pictures going to be taken today saw these fungi on an old fallen log thriving.

As I got level with the place where I knew the fish was rising I crept quietly through the trees and sat by the edge of the river and sure enough after a short time it continued to rise. I covered it a few times the best I could, too short a line, then too long a line and lastly hit it on the head almost with the fly and up it came.

A nice fish with perfect fins and a golden belly, I was well pleased especially in the conditions. I headed downstream casting here and there in the odd deeper stretches but nothing was doing at all, so headed farther downstream to where I knew some better fish normally lie, to be met with this sight...

A trickle again and the water that was there was only a couple of inches deep. I sat for a half hour observing and saw nothing so decided to call it a day and head home contented that in such difficult conditions I had still managed to take a decent trout on my last trip of the 2014 Brown Trout season....I love the summer fishing but adore the Grayling, I'm just hoping this year the weather will be kinder and we can all enjoy the lady of the stream .


  1. A smashing trout to end the season with George, looking forward to reading your Grayling reports in the months ahead.

    1. Thanks Brian I'm chuffed with it to say the least in those conditions and now looking forward to the Grayling, I hope to read some of your adventures throughout the winter too, tight lines.

    2. Im shocked at the state of the rivers up your way george , but what a beautiful fish to end on , cant wait for the grayling season , look forward to your posts ..

  2. It was a good way to end Shaun, Now fully refreshed after a holiday and some rain falling as I type this just in time for my favourite season of all. the Grayling...tight lines


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