Wednesday, 29 October 2014

A couple of Corkers.

I finally got around to completing a couple of floats in cork which seems like years since I last made any from cork, the main problem being the sourcing of the cork, for the smaller floats the good old champagne cork works well but for the larger chubber style it doesn't,  you have to source them which is becoming more and more difficult these days or you could glue 2 champagne corks together but its a lot of faffing around and you dont get the same effect in my honest opinion.

the smaller is a typical trotting float that I make but done in cork which takes 7BB of weight. The larger is a chubber style which takes 5AAA of shot.

I'm unsure whether to keep them or add them to this years Charity auction box which is currently being assembled, this years chosen charity is back to the Armed Forces again.
It has became a bit of a yearly habit now which I have done for several years now, to make up a selection of floats together with a box and they are auctioned off for charity, last year I participated in a one off auction of floats made by several float-makers which managed to raise a very considerable amount for Macmillan nurses and other cancer charities, this year its back to my own work.

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