Sunday, 2 November 2014

Messing around...Again

With me working this weekend, there was no chance of getting any fishing in, so in between shifts I decided to finish off a couple of other projects I had been messing around with since returning from holiday.

Using the Olive wood blanks I brought back with me I decided to hone my wood turning skills and knock out a couple of small display floats to sit in a small rowing boat cabinet I have, a wee bit of fun along the way whilst practicing.

When I made the decorative piece for my desk, I initially made 4 of the floats up.

So to use the remaining two and some wood I had lying around I decided to make a small decorative float drying stand to stand floats in when waiting for the varnish on the upper bodies to dry.

Certainly much nicer to look at than the Styrofoam that I use to dry the floats on. It doesn't replace being on the bank looking for Grayling but its the next best thing when your working.

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