Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Decorative Olive

Earlier in the week I posted briefly about some olive wood that I purchased and was gifted with on the island of Santorini whilst on holiday.

 One thing the wood carver was 100% genuine about was the toughness of the olive wood, it is solid!
 I went through 2 chisel sharpening sessions before getting these small olive wood decorative floats made to mount on the base.

I turned 2 small float bodies to mount on the base as a decorative piece for my desk, made from the long blanks primarily used to make olive wood pen bodies they were just the job for my plan. I made one float to look like a trotting float with the other replicating a small chubber style float

Just loosely placed on the base at present looking for the best position and to measure things up with my glasses which will sit on the base, I was quite taken back by the beautiful grain that appeared as I turned the small bodies.

The bodies were drilled out and pegged tonight so just drying before making the final fix to the base and the birth of my new glasses holder.

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